Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas time !!

This year we had another wonderful Christmas, It was low key, not too many presents, but we had some good family time and that is what really matters to me!
This is "Rockstar Aidan"  His dad got him an electric guitar for Christmas, he has tought himself some chords already, and we will have to look into lessons..... he sure looks the part of a rockin' teenage boy!

 Our Stockings were hung next to our friend Desmond this year..... Desmond was sporting a cute santa hat until some boy decided it would look better on his own head :)

 Our Christmas tree was actually bigger than the biggest room in our house..... this is what happens when you let Adam and Dylan be solely in charge of picking out the tree!

 Zander made the cutest little elf for the year, he is growing up faster than I can believe.... still my sweet snugly little man.
 Hayden is such an angel, she loves the new chair that mimi got her!
 Dylan will be 18 next week, hard to believe that the darling obnoxious little boy I fell in love with 10 years ago is an adult.... he has also completely lost the ability to make a normal face when there is a camera around, and yet he is still cute and charming.... don't ask me how, he just is!
 Zander was so happy with the box of 100 slim jims that mom-mom bought him!
 Aiden Tanner is one handsome boy, he looks alot like his dad, he got motorcycle riding gear for Christmas because he rides alot of dirt bikes at his mom's house, and now we have one at our house to.... help my heart and his moms because it is scary as heck to see him take off on those powerfull machines!
 Adam and his sweet mom
 This is our herd of deer, they are all over our yard almost every day, this picture was taken from inside our house, that is how close they get!
 Cute boys
 Aidan and Zander got a 3ds that they are sharing, it was their big present and I had my doubts about them sharing something like that but so far so good, and they are both so happy!
I told Adam that what I really wanted for Christmas was a family picture while Aiden Tanner is here, I told him I wasn't going to bother him or remind him, so we will see if it happens.... or if we wait until the day before he leaves and I choose to remind him and we take one of those no makeup hurried pics.....


Anonymous said...

You didn't fall in love with Dylan when you met him so many years ago, or you wouldn't have broken up his parents' marriage.
Even now, your posts that mention Dylan simmer with a passive hostility towards him.
You are lacking in self awareness and charity. I'll bet Mr. Staley the elder is sorry he cast his lot with you.

Anonymous said...

how rude, you must still have a lot of resentment toward them all, I am so sorry

Anonymous said...

Your family is perfect and I know how much you love them all. Don't let anyone tell you different.